Вечернее платье Ema Bride V-134Вечернее платье Ema Bride V-134Вечернее платье Ema Bride V-134Вечернее платье Ema Bride V-134Вечернее платье Ema Bride V-134
Abendkleid Ema Bride V-134
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Abendkleid Ema Bride V-134

  • kurzes Kleid
  • Graue, rosa
  • Nein
  • Kurz
  • 28 Tage
  • Größentabelle
Preis: 239.99
Preis: 239.99

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Frage / Antwort

  • Lesy 08.02.2021, 19:56
    I would like to ask about the bottom part of the dress: it's written gray, but on the photos is not really gray, is like a little bit violet (or maybe the sunshine is making this) do you have a real picture of the dress? Is very important for me. So as for the top part? Is it gray?
    • Andrey 09.02.2021, 06:19
      Hello, Lesy! Write to us, I will send to you pictures

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